Lets Go Green!

Lasting Impressions
Landscaping proudly uses
All Natural, Environmentally Friendly Products.

Going green, transitioning to
organic products, and being
environmentally friendly, is a world-wide trend. In an effort to promote and support more environmentally friendly products and services, we are introducing two new, all natural, chemical free products. Over the years we have been using different chemical products for our applications. Extensive product
research over the years has resulted in the availability of new, effective, more
environmentally friendly products. These products will deliver the same results, if
not better than, the other products that we had been using with no added costs!

Benefits of our 100% Organic Fertilizer

  • 100% Organic Fertilizer
  • Nearly eliminates phosphates and nitrates
  • Same cost as traditional chemical fertilizers
  • Not connected to petroleum costs
  • Proven in over 15 years of testing
  • Greatly improves root development
  • Less water needed, improving drought tolerance
  • Natural weed suppression
  • Natural insect suppression, including grubs
  • Natural fungus and disease suppression
  • Natural, regenerative, sustainable source
  • Safe for kids, pets and family